KATE – ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a brand created with passion and love to photography, a lifelong journey across the world, collected experiences and excitement of getting to know new people.

It all began when I bought a second hand DSLR camera and started capturing the world in the best way possible at that point. Unexpected results of playing with manual settings made me more curious, so I decided to make a photography course to collect all the necessary knowledge. The camera became to be part of me and I started to see the world through the lens!

My deep feelings towards photography led me to the decision to turn it from my passion into my full time job. “Love what you do and you won’t work even a day they said!”

Currently I am in a happy relationship with an amazing mirrorless full frame Sony Alpha camera and a few of the Sigma Art glasses! I promise every time you meet me, you meet them too!

I am a girl who is reaching the stars when it comes to travels! I am a citizen of the world, born in Poland, but lived in several countries around the globe. Crazy in love I followed my better half to Switzerland.

Now we build our new life together living in the Canton of Zurich.

I am grateful for all the travels, especially the last years which I spent in Australia. Experiencing the world tailored me as a photographer and the way how I see people, how deep I dive into emotions and relations and how I bring it into my pictures.

I am here to offer you services tailored for your needs, different kind of photo shoots, presents for your friends and loved ones as well as good talk and advice when it comes to your photography dreams!

I would love to keep you updated what is going on, where I catch the inspirations from and what new I have to offer! That’s why I created a small JOURNAL on this website where you can get to know me a little bit more, see all news and be updated when it comes to changes!

Thank you for visiting!


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